To: Future Historic Preservationists, From: Today – Education Future

This is not just about your Planet, or about your country, your state, your city, your community, or your street; it’s about your history and what you are going to do about it. The protection of our nations history is something that strengthens us in every aspect, grand and local. The preservation movement allows us to generate jobs, build progressively sustainable cities, inspire long-term support and aid for locals, but more importantly it allows for the promotion of a deeper understanding for the significance of historical sites that represent our nations culture, heritage, and evolution so that they will continue to exist and grow for future generations.But…What happens when current preservationists and their efforts need to not only pass along our history through the tangible buildings they saved but also through the next generation of preservationists? Major problems facing preservationist communities is reaching out to new audiences and being able to expand public awareness of the benefits of preservation. Therefore, it is crucial we take the necessary steps and create proactive plans regarding what the future of historic preservation will look like in the years to come. How the next generations of historic preservationists are cultivated through education, proper information, and how to take action will have a profound impact on the worlds preservationist efforts.In today’s youth, it is increasingly obvious that there are disturbing gaps in general, national, and local historical knowledge and that there is an inability to comprehend the relevance of history as it relates to their lives today.So what do we do, can we educate our youth so that they can protect their history? Can we do it while keeping them interested? Yes. Yes.We harness our efforts into programs that offer constant opportunities for our youth to learn about this nations lands and this country’s cultural heritage. By engaging in authentic hands on experiences with resources that reveal vast amounts of historical context such as structures related to historic figures, or places where significant events occurred, or other sites where the past is able to connect to the present, our youth will be able to instill a sense of association to our history.Historic preservationists often feel that they must conserve history, heritage and culture in whatever form it maintains; more often than not, this is in a building of significance, however, occasionally, it takes form in a bridge, or 33,000 square acres of land, but in this instance, it takes the form of our current youth. Our youth is who will soon be in control of the preservation of our nation and its story. Historic preservationists are that essential link needed in connecting the communities of our nation to the benefits of historic preservation. By providing learning opportunities, enthusiasts can shape students’ knowledge and ideas about history and the importance of preservation and create a sturdy foundation that they will carry for their lifetime; a foundation that will show how our nation evolved even with constant human, cultural, and natural changes occurring.There are always ways to encourage involvement and engage our youth that will eventually comprise the preservation workforce in the future. By giving the next generation a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them that created the fabric of our nation we can continue to safeguard out past through its physical remains. Such engagement begins through partnerships with local schools, clubs, organizations, programs, work services, and through courses added to school curriculum.The U.S. Department of Interior offers Historic/Cultural Preservation and Service Learning Programs where our youth are able to fully submerse themselves in the understanding of our nations history, how we got where we are today and what we can do to protect it. Through increased public support and visibility, students become a type of ambassador for history and preservation in their schools, homes, and their communities. By historic preservation organizations partnering with schools and other groups it is vital to begin engaging our future leaders with knowledge in Main Street revitalization projects, the benefits of re-using existing resources in the built environment to decrease impact on undisturbed land, the incorporation of preservation and evolving technology to help us truly assess and understand the value of historic resources, and finally in what progress truly encompasses in the preservation community. It is fundamental that preservationists remain innovative and continuously focus on new ideas and the future because our nation, society, people, cultures, and values are constantly evolving.Historic preservationists do not impede on this country’s progress but rather use historic resources to benefit our people through the positive economic, cultural, environmental, and educational returns. We are all apart of a broader conservation movement that extends far beyond the built environment and it is the job of current efforts to create a better understanding and consensus for future generations around the true meaning of preservation as a discipline and that there is no reason for conservation to ever reach a standstill.So, to the new generation of volunteers and to the future preservation enthusiasts, this is your country, your history; will you preserve it?

6 Ways To Ensure A Future Income With Your Home-Based Business – Education Future

If you have not acquired more than a bare existence with your home-based business, perhaps it is time to learn a few laws that govern the building of wealth.Wealth grows wherever you exert energy, but if that energy is dispersed into non-productive activities, it is worthless. Owning your own business from home means that you (and only you) are in charge of your future. The more you practice the art of making wise decisions with money, the closer you will be to securing a future income for yourself through your business.Make Small Donations To Your Savings AccountFor every ten dollars you collect from your business profits, save one dollar for your savings. That’s 10%. Never spend it and always keep adding the dollars. You will manage to get along just as well without spending that one-dollar each time, and it will start to feel good seeing that savings account slowly increase. The money will begin to come more easily the more you save because of interest. It may not be much at first, but it’s more than hiding it in your sock drawer at home.Control Your Spending HabitsEveryone is burdened with more desires than they can gratify. Buying new things makes you feel good, and there’s always something new to buy. The only way to control your spending is to set up a budget based on your current income. Make a commitment to stop spending beyond your means. Confusing “necessary” with desire is easy when you really want something. If you can’t afford it after you save your 10% and pay your bills, put it on a wish list.Make Your Savings MultiplySaving 10% in of itself is only just the beginning of building security. To ensure a future with your home-based business, you must put those savings to work earning even more money on it’s own. Invest back into your business by purchasing inventory, or any other kind of income-generating service related to your business. This is the only way you can acquire more than one income without working more. People who go out and get a second job to cover their expenses haven’t grasped this concept.Guard Your Savings And Investments From LossGet into the habit of studying opportunities before you proceed to spend your savings on them. Make sure you are guaranteed that you can at least retrieve your initial investment back before you sign on the dotted line. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a savings from 10%, so don’t be misled by your desire to get rich quick. Consult the wisdom of those experienced in handling money. Advice is free, so take it whenever you can.Own Your Own HomeAnyone who owns their own home is making a wise investment in their financial future. It is even more important to do this if you own a home-based business. You will always have to pay rent, so you might as well pay it to yourself. When you do this, you are protecting the security of your home and office at the same time. Buy land or houses that generate income so if you ever need extra finances, a sale will create even more extra income.Increase Your Willingness To LearnIn order to earn more money in network marketing, you must have the desire to seek proper education. Traditional techniques currently being taught by most major companies are outdated and account for the 95% drop-out rate in the industry. They teach you to play a numbers game to benefit their overall sales and profits, rather than spending the time and energy teaching you how to grow your own company.It is extremely important to invest your money on a program that offers a proper marketing education with a guarantee for success. This will not only explode your business in ways you couldn’t even image, but it will act as a safety net in case something ever happens to your support system. You could wake up tomorrow and find your primary company has gone under. What will you do if all you know how to do is “distribute” their particular line of products? Knowing the basics of how to market properly will allow you to be successful no matter what product you choose to endorse.When you own a home-based business, preparing for the times when you are unable to earn income, such as when you grow old or sick, is just as important as paying your monthly bills. It’s your responsibility now that you don’t have a job or a boss to depend on. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself unable to work with nothing saved aside. Any part of the nine dollars you set aside for expenses that can be spent on something to earn more money will allow you to secure a future income that much faster.